Whitsunday and Hamilton Solar Farms

Project details

Completed Feb 2018

Client Bougyes Construction Australia

Earthwork, Roadworks

Whitsunday and Hamilton solar farms

Bougyes Construction Australia contracted Vassallo Construction to undertake the civil works for the combined 140MW Whitsunday and Hamilton Solar Farms located in Collinsville and owned by Edify Energy. The civil works package included levelling of the 300 hectare site for the installation of solar panels, the construction of both 3m and 4m wide roads throughout the site, a drainage system that consisted of swales, level spreaders and rock check dams and road crossings.

During our time on site we managed the spoil stockpile that was to be re-used for certain areas in the project and any repairs works which resulted in the construction of the plant’s. The scope of work was increased during construction to accommodate design changes. The project started in June 2017 and was completed in early 2018. The two farms will be in operation for over 20 years once completed.