Mackay City Centre Revitalisation

Project details

Completed Sep 2015

Client Mackay Regional Council

Roadworks, Landscaping

Mackay City Centre Revitalisation

Vassallo Constructions were awarded the Mackay City Centre Revitalisation Project.  The project required many of Vassallo’s capabilities including roadworks, pipeworks, concrete works and landscaping.

The Mackay City Centre Revitalisation Project was a 15 month project that was completed in four stages.  It included many works fronts that had to be completed by certain times to ensure that we were able to move ahead with the next work front and complete the project on time.  An integral part of this project was community engagement.  Over 150 business and residents were affected throughout this project and each of these stakeholders had to be consulted and informed continually regarding the works.

Forward planning for this project allowed Vassallo’s to carry out works with minimal impact on business and residential access points, pedestrian movements, traffic flow and gas and rubbish services.

The work zone was Victoria Street located between Sydney Street and Gregory Street and Wood Street located between River Street and Gordon Street and the roundabout at Wood and Victoria Street.  Each street was approximately 300m in length.  The project was split into four zones and each zone was fully completed before commencing work on the next.

The zones were closed to vehicular traffic but pedestrian access was maintained and managed with signage and access ramps.  Each zone included drainage and electrical trenching within the road; footpath removal and reinstatement and additional outside dining areas were completed with a paved finish.

Centre median islands and some vegetation was removed and replaced with 300mm high smooth concrete finished walls.  Specifically designed moulds had to be fabricated to meet the Principal’s specifications.  Mature Fig trees were installed throughout City Centre.  These trees were encapsulated within Strata Cells designed to contain the root systems for years to come.

New pedestrian crossings were installed using coloured black concrete and bordered with Porphy Stones.  Centre medians were filled with new plants and a complicated irrigation system that allowed for variable custom configurations.

The revitalisation project also included the construction of a 1200mm diameter trunk stormwater drain for the fully extent of Wood Street works. The works, which had to be undertaken during the wet season, required careful planning to ensure that this milestone was completed on time so that the whole project was not delayed.