Breakwater Reconstruction Works, Mackay Harbour

Project details

Completed Nov 2018

Client North Queensland Bulk Ports


Breakwater Reconstruction Works, Mackay Harbour

The Causeway and Breakwater was damaged from Cyclone Debbie in 2017. North Queensland Bulk Ports awarded the contract of new armour rock placement to Vassallo Constructions. The project was split into the Breakwater and Causeway at Half Tide Tug Harbour. Over 9,500 tonnes of Armour Rock were used for this project. Due to volume and quality control requirements, we coordinated with the quarry operator to take the rock at the source, managing and sorting it with our 50t excavator with calibrated on-board weighing system, then transported to site in semi-side tippers. For accurate placement of rock we installed a specialised boom extension and calibrated our GPS for centimetre precision.