Industrial Dam Upgrade for DBCT

Project details

Completed Apr 2015

Client DBCT

Pipeworks, Earthworks

Industrial Dam Upgrade for DBCT

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal implemented a Water Quality Improvement project to enhance the management of water onsite. Vassallo Constructions was awarded the contract of construction and modification of numerous concrete and earthworks structures within the industrial dam and coal collection pits in the stockyards, as well as the installation of an 800mm diameter HDPE pipeline and pumping infrastructure to connect the industrial dam with the quarry dam works (which included open trenching through DBCT existing stockyards and underboring eight-bund walls).


A substantial length of 1080mm dia pipe was underbored and installed. These works were carried out under the strictest of measures as to not contaminate existing stockpiles of coal in the yards. DBCT’s production schedule did not halt and was not interrupted during these works. The new and modified structures improved sediment collection and retention, maintenance access and cleanout, water recovery and serviceability. The project was completed on time, and to the client’s satisfaction.