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Vassallo Constructions - Gregory River Project

The People behind the name

At Vassallo Constructions we are focused on maintaining strong customer relationships which is achieved in part by employing the best personnel.

Each key team member is selected for their exceptional skills and experience within their respective fields. They ensure that our philosophy is upheld in all facets of our projects, and that we deliver on time and to a superior standard.

Project Management

Dedicated, reliable and efficient, just a few words to sum up our experienced team of Supervisors, Project Engineers and Project Managers. They not only meet project targets but always strive to exceed them. Our management team oversees the construction of high quality products within a safe working environment.

Tender Team

Accurate estimating is the cornerstone of any successful construction business. Our team’s knowledge and experience ranges from major roadworks and pipeline infrastructure to bridge construction and subdivisional works. We can assist clients with estimates for complex projects or a simple driveway and will ensure that they receive timely accurate information. A key element to our success is the ability to assess the capabilities of regional subcontractors and suppliers.


No construction company can flourish unless it has the backup of an efficient administration. Our modern offices house our friendly and experienced administration staff who ensure the early processing of documentation to prevent delays to projects.